Ian Howarth: Bass/Vocals

Ian has been playing in the local music scene for many years, gaining a wealth of experience not only as a solid reliable bass player but also as an extremely competent front man and vocalist.  Ian’s enthusiasm and obvious enjoyment in playing Pink Floyd’s music in the band always has a positive effect on the audience’s overall enjoyment of their live ‘Pink Floyd’ experience.

Paul Hancock : Guitar

Paul, like Ian is a well known musician within his home town of Reading, with many years experience playing with numerous renowned local bands.  He has a well deserved reputation as being not only a very fine guitar player, but also in ‘nailing’ the Gilmour sound and feel live.  Every Floyd fan knows the defining sound of Gilmour’s guitar playing – Paul’s superb playing within Pulse is always highly praised by the discerning audience – with the magnificence of the solo in Comfortably Numb being a particular highlight.

Kenton 6 (2)

Moon : Keyboards

Rob has been a fan of Pink Floyd since the Dark Side Of The Moon album was released, especially loving the textures and the sound effects.  He was inspired to start playing by listening to his dad playing Jazz on piano and saxophone.  Rob has actually recorded in Pink Floyd’s studio, where he got to try some of Rick Wright’s amazing keyboard effects.  Rob’s undoubted keyboard talent and his impressive skill and experience in providing the hugely important sound effects to the band, is very much the cornerstone of the audience’s enjoyment of the whole live ‘Pink Floyd’ experience.

Johnathan Judge : Saxophone

Jono has recently joined Pulse.  Further details will appear soon.

John Park : Drums/Vocals

John has extensive live experience as a drummer and vocalist.  Playing in many highly acclaimed bands and venues such as The 02 Arena, Birmingham NEC and The Royal Albert Hall.  John’s solid, reliable technique was honed in the Scots and Irish Guards Bands.  He is an extremely competent drummer and vocalist, who provides the solid backbone and groove to the band – with his obvious musical abilities always appreciated by the discerning audience, and of course the other members of the band.

Nicole Allan : Vocals/Guitar

Nicole has gained a well-deserved reputation as a highly talented singer and performer.  For someone who is still relatively young, she has already gained many years experience not only within a number of highly reputed bands but also as a solo performer.  Nicole always leaves a lasting impression on anyone who has seen her live, including many of her musical contemporaries.  Like Debby, Nicole is a tremendous asset to the band – adding the wonderful backing vocals and harmonies that are so important in completing the overall quality of the band’s live performance.

Debby Bracknell : Vocals

Debby has many years of experience as a professional singer.  She trained initially at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, completing an HND in Vocals, and receiving the accolade of most outstanding vocalist of the year.  She has performed with Worldwide known artists such as, Mariah Carey, Mica Paris, Boy George, Ariana Grande, SuRie (Eurovision Song Contest) and many more.  Debby is a tremendous asset to the band, with her vocals on ‘Great Gig In The Sky’ being an outstanding crowd-pleasing highlight.